GSR900D035 series 900V, 50m Ω GaN FETs are normally closed devices. It provides superior reliability and performance by combining the most advanced high-voltage GaNHEMT with low-voltage silicon MOSFETs. It provides higher efficiency than silicon through lower gate charge, lower cross loss and smaller reverse recovery charge.

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Detail DataSheet

900VCascode  GaN  FET  inTO-247(source tab)


Product Description

GSR900D035 series 900V, 50m Ω; Gallium nitride (GaN) FET; It is a normally closed device& nbsp; It combines the most advanced high-voltage GaNHEMT  With low-voltage silicon MOSFET to provide excellent reliability and performance.

It provides higher efficiency than silicon through lower gate charge, lower cross loss and smaller reverse recovery charge.


Key Specifications 

Key Specifications  
VDS (V) 900 
V(TR)DSS (V) max 1000 
RDS(on)eff  (mΩ) max* 63 
QRR (nC) typ 156 
QG (nC) typ 15 

* Reflects both static and dynamic on-resistance; see Figures 18 and 19 


Product benefits

  • Enable totem column bridgeless PFC design
    • Increase power density
    • Reduce system size and weight
    • Lower overall system cost
  • The efficiency of hard switching and soft switching circuits is improved
  • Easy to drive with common grid drivers
  • GSD pin layout improves high-speed design
    • data communication


Product application

  • Wide range of industrial applications
  • PV inverter
  • Servo motor application


Absolute Maximum Ratings (TJ=25°C unless otherwise stated. All recommended current levels (IDM) are based on adequate heat sinking, ensuring TJ=150°C ) 

Symbol Parameter Limit Value Unit 
ID  Continuous drain current @TC=25°C a34 
 Continuous drain current @TC=100°C a22 
IDM Pulsed drain current (pulse width: 10µs) 150 
di/dtRDMC Reverse diode di/dt, repetitive b 1600 A/µs 
IRDMC1 Reverse diode switching current, repetitive (dc) c 24 
IRDMC2 Reverse diode switching current, repetitive (ac) c 28 
di/dtRDMT Reverse diode di/dt, transient d 3000 A/µs 
IRDMT Reverse diode switching current, transient 36 
V(TR)DSS Transient drain to source voltage e 1000 
VGSS Gate to source voltage   ±20 
PD Maximum power dissipation @TC=25°C 119 
TC Operating temperature Case  -55 to +150 °C 
TJ  Junction  -55 to +150 °C 
TS Storage temperature -55 to +150 °C 
TSOLD Soldering peak temperature f 260 °C 
Mounting Torque 80 N cm 


a.     For increased stability at high current operation, see Circuit Implementation on page 3 b.          Continuous switching operation 

c.      Definitions: dc = dc to dc converter topologies; ac = inverter and PFC topologies, 50-60Hz line frequency d.          ≤300 pulses in 1 second 

  1. In off-state, spike duty cycle D<0.01, spike duration <1µs 
  2. For 10 sec., 1.6mm from the case 


Thermal Resistance 

Symbol  Parameter Typical Unit 
RΘJC Junction-to-case  1.05 °C/W 
RΘJA Junction-to-ambient  40 °C/W 


Recommended gate drive: (0V, 12-14V) with RG(tot) = 22-30Ω, where RG(tot) = RG + RDRIVER 

Required DC Link RC Snubber (RCDCL) a Recommended Switching Node RC Snubber (RCSN) b 
[10nF + 8Ω] x 2 100pF + 10Ω 


  1. RCDCL should be placed as close as possible to the drain pin 
  2. A switching node RC snubber (C, R) is recommended for high switching currents (>70% of IRDMC1 or IRDMC2)

Electrical Parameters (TJ=25°C unless otherwise stated)

Symbol Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Test Conditions 
Forward Device Characteristics    
V(BL)DSS Maximum drain-source voltage 900 — — VGS=0V  
VGS(th) Gate threshold voltage 3.4 3.9 4.4 VDS=VGS, ID=0.7mA 
ΔVGS(th)/TJ Gate threshold voltage temperature coefficient — -6.5 — mV/°C 
RDS(on)eff  Drain-source on-resistance a  — 50 63 mΩ VGS=10V, ID=22A 
  — 105 —  VGS=10V, ID=22A, TJ=150°C 
IDSS  Drain-to-source leakage current — 40 µA VDS=900V, VGS=0V 
  — 15 —  VDS=900V, VGS=0V, TJ=150°C 
IGSS  Gate-to-source forward leakage current — — 100 nA VGS=20V  
 Gate-to-source reverse leakage current — — -100  VGS=-20V  
CISS Input capacitance — 1000 — pF VGS=0V, VDS=600V, f=1MHz       
COSS Output capacitance — 115 — 
CRSS Reverse transfer capacitance — 3.5 — 
CO(er) Output capacitance, energy related b — 153 — pF VGS=0V, VDS=0V to 600V 
CO(tr)  Output capacitance, time related c — 260 —   
QG Total gate charge — 15 — nC   VDS=600V, VGS=10V, ID=22A
QGS Gate-source charge — — 
QGD Gate-drain charge — 4.7 — 
QOSS Output charge — 155 — nC   VGS=0V, VDS=0V to 600V  
tD(on) Turn-on delay — 48 — ns  V DS=600V, VGS=10V, ID=22A RG=25Ω, 4A driver 
tR Rise time — 12 — 
tD(off) Turn-off delay — 70 — 
tF Fall time — 12 — 
Reverse Device Characteristics    
IS Reverse current — — 22 V GS=0V, TC=100°C,  ≤25% duty cycle 
VSD  Reverse voltage a — 2.2 2.6 VGS=0V, IS=22A 
  — 1.6 1.9  VGS=0V, IS=11A 
tRR Reverse recovery time — 53 — ns IS=22A, VDD=600V,  di/dt=1000A/µs 
QRR Reverse recovery charge — 156 — nC 


a.     Reflects both static and dynamic on-resistance; dynamic on-resistance test setup and waveform; see Figures 14 and 15 for conditions b.           Equivalent capacitance to give same stored energy from 0V to 600V 

c.      Equivalent capacitance to give same charging time from 0V to 600V 


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