GSR065D200 is a high-voltage D-type GaN transistor. It provides patented high-density horizontal layout GaN power transistors and advanced packaging, with extremely low RDS (ON), extremely fast switching performance and convenient small size. It is very effective in applications requiring high current and fast switching.

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The D3GaN (Direct Drive D-Mode) GSR065D200A Power Switch integrates a patented, high-density, lateral GaN power transistor, into a Normally - Off product with extremely low RDS(ON) and exceptionally efficient switching performance. The D3GaN technology has been implemented into an Isolated High Power SMD package.

Key features  

  • Ultra-fast switching 
  • Kelvin connection 
  • Normally-Off 
  • High power density 
  • Fully isolated package (2.5KV) 
  • High Threshold Voltage 
  • Driven by standard 15V MOSFET driver 
  • Top cooling 


  • Solar Inverter 
  • AC-DC Power Supply 
  • AC motors 
  • Battery chargers 
  • Automotive 
  • Laser driver 

Key Performance Parameters 

Parameter  Value 
VDS (V) 650 
RDS(ON) (mΩ)   22 
QG (nC) 41 
ID,pulse(A) 250 
ID (A) 100 
Maximum ratings (Tc =25ºC unless otherwise specified)  
Parameter Symbol Values Unit Conditions  
  Min Typical Max   
Continuous drain current ID 
100 80 

T C =25C 

TC =100C 

Pulsed drain current1) ID,pulse 250  
Gate source voltage2) VGS -25 +6  
Power dissipation PTOT 278  
Operating and storage temperature Tj ,Tstg -55 + 150 C  
TC +150 
Continuous reverse current Is 100  
Reverse pulse current1) Is,pulse 250  


Thermal characteristics  
Parameter Symbol Values Unit Conditions  
  Min Typical Max   
Thermal resistance, junctioncase R θJC  0.3 C/W Junction to top thermal pad 
Thermal resistance, junction ambient R θJA 65 C/W  
Soldering peak body temperature Tp 260 C  
Time within 5°C from peak soldering temperature t c   30  
  1. Duty cycle =10% and pulse width limited by Tjmax 
  2. See Typical Operating Circuit, VGS defined between terminals 3&4 


Electrical characteristics (Tc =25C  unless otherwise specified) 
Parameter  Symbol Values Unit Conditions 
Min Typical Max 
Drain-source breakdown voltage V(BR)DS  650 800 VGS= -15V, Id= 1mA 
Gate threshold voltage1)2) Vth 6.3 6.8 8.7 ID=1mA, VDD=15V 
Drain source leakage current1) IDSS 20 60 µA 

V GS= -15V 

V DS=  650V  Tj=25C 

75 200 V GS= -15V VDS= 650V  Tj=150C   
GaN Gate leakage current IGSS 0.01 200 uA V DS= 400V   VGS= -15V 
Gate resistance RG1.4 Ω f =1Mhz 
Drain-source on state resistance RDS(ON)  22 27 mΩ 

V G=15V ID=35A 

T j =25C   

42 52 

V G=15V ID=35A 

Tj =150C   

Reverse voltage drop-  GaN non conductive V R7.5 ID=10A Tj =25C   
9.5 ID=10A Tj =150C   
Reverse voltage drop-  GaN conductive V R0.2 ID=10A Tj =25C   
0.4 ID=10A Tj =150C   
Reverse recovery time trr ns  
Reverse recovery charge QrrnC  
Output Charge   Qoss 171 nC 

V G=0V 


Activation signal2) V(As,En) VDD= -15V  
Input capacitance   Ciss   760 800 pF 




Output capacitance Coss 200 240 
Reverse transfer capacitance Crss 26 30 
Effective Output Capacitance, Energy Related   CO(ER) 278 pF 


VDS=0 to 400V 

Turn-on delay time3) td(on)  ns 


VG=0 -15V 

3) Rcon=100 Ω 

3)Rcoff=20 Ohm 


Fall time3) tf  10.8 
Turn-off delay time3) td(off)  15.5 
Rise time 3) tr  6.5 
  1. After applying Activation signal 
  2. Refers to driver GND, see typical operating circuit. Threshold voltage defined as Vth= VDD+Vth-GaN= 15V-8.2V=6.8V 
  3. Slew rate Control resistors in base loop of push/pull . Rcoff in series with Schottky diode - See  Fig.10   


Electrical characteristics (Tc =25ºC unless otherwise specified) 
Parameter Symbol Values Unit Conditions 
Min Typical Max 
Gate charge characteristic s 
Gate to source charge1) QGS 4.3 nC 

VGS2)=0V to 10V 

VDS=400V ID=30A 


Gate to drain charge1) QGD 33 
Total gate charge1) QG 41 
Gate plateau voltage1) Vplateau 
Case to drain Capacitance 
Capacitance  CC 20 pF @ 1 MHz    0.1V RMS 


Pin Characteristics    
Parameter Symbol Values  Unit Conditions  
Min Typical Max 
Pin 1 Activation signal 2)    
Disable voltage Pin 1 9.1 



Enable voltage Pin 1 9.3 15 15 
Pin 2 Com signal 3)    
Voltage at disable mode Pin 2   VDS >20V
Voltage at Enable mode Pin 2 0.1 V31=Id*0.002 
Pin 3 Gate 2)    
Gate Voltage for non-Conducting mode Pin 3  4.5 




Gate Voltage for conducting mode Pin 3 5.5 12 
Pin 4 Com Power 2)    
 Pin 4 10 15 15  
Pin 5 Enable must be connected to pin1    
  1. After applying Activation signal 
  2. Refers to driver GND, see typical operating circuit 
  3. Refers to Source Pins 


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