GSR semiconductor and Canadian GaN Systems carry out gallium nitride related tests


Xuzhou GSR semiconductor is a leading gallium nitride chip application, research and development and production enterprise in China. With regard to this cooperation, experts from the China Communications Society said that as an important part of the new infrastructure construction, the data center will play a fundamental role in the future informatization construction and the transformation of the digital economy.

According to statistics and calculations, in 2020, China's data center power consumption has exceeded 200 billion kwh, accounting for about 2% of the total social power consumption, and the power utilization rate (PUE) is as high as 1.49; The carbon dioxide emission is about 135 million tons, and the carbon emission intensity (cue) is 0.82, accounting for about 1.14% of the national carbon dioxide emission.

The just released "Fourteen five character economic development plan" requires that the construction of green digital centers should be continuously promoted in accordance with the principles of green, low-carbon, intensive and efficient, the energy-saving transformation of data centers should be accelerated, and the utilization level of renewable energy in data centers should be continuously improved.

It can be seen that the energy conservation and carbon reduction of the data center will be an important factor to achieve the goal of "double carbon". The introduction of new technologies and the realization of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the data center are not only conducive to the green and high-quality development of the data center, but also conducive to the realization of the "double carbon" goal of the whole society.

The progress in power supply design using gallium nitride (GaN) instead of silicon transistors is expected to reduce its energy use by several percentage points. In addition to energy-saving benefits, these technologies can also promote the use of fewer or smaller power sources in data centers, thereby reducing the need for space and power in data centers

"GaN is a breakthrough material technology. Our company has been committed to developing fast charging equipment and applications for many years, which are applied to electric vehicles, solar inverters and IDC power supplies worldwide." said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems.

Wu Shenjun, chairman of GSR semiconductor, said:; "The use of new semiconductor technology can save about 20% of the energy consumption expected in the data center. This is a huge disruptive innovation with far-reaching industrial impact."

This public test was first carried out at the high performance computing center of physics discipline of Northwestern University in March, and then more data centers and supercomputing centers will be selected nationwide for cooperation and promotion.

The power supply participating in this test was designed in Beijing and used the technologies and chips of GaN Systems and Xuzhou GSR semiconductor company. This test was strongly supported by Hongguang semiconductor and Shenzhen frontier technology research and development company.

According to theoretical calculation, the energy efficiency of the new power module is about 98% under 50% load, which is 4 percentage points higher than that of the traditional silicon-based power semiconductor power supply. This alone can reduce the total energy consumption of the data center by 10%. If the replacement of UPS power supply and refrigeration system in data center is promoted, the energy saving effect is expected to reach 20%.

According to the recently released planning of computing power network, China has laid out eight national hub nodes of computing power network and ten data center clusters. Through the use of gallium nitride power transistors, more efficient PSU power modules can be realized, which can provide a technical basis for the green and high-quality development of data centers, and thus help to achieve the carbon neutrality goal of the whole society.

Ganhonor Semiconductor Co., Ltd

Ganhonor Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in 2021. The project initiator is a leader in the field of gallium nitride (GaN、GaN HEMT、GaN FET). With the industry-leading gallium nitride power devices and their new applications as the flagship products, it takes the full advantages of the world's leading manufacturing technologies on the 6-8 inch GaN-on-Silicon power electronics platform, and the synergy of supply chain resources, core technology, manufacturing capability, key customers, capital market, local organization support and other key resources. This provides a new IDM platform to help achieve leapfrog development in the industry of the third generation semiconductors.


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